Become a MCL Member

If you are looking to join please contact any current member for details.

Every Saturday from 1000-1300 doors are open for anyone wanting to visit and get information about joining our Marine Corps League Detachment.

If interested in joining, please have a copy of your DD214 in hand.


Clarification of DD-214 with Membership Application

A Detachment must SEE the applicant’s DD-214 to verify eligibility for “Regular Membership”.  THEN IT MUST BE HANDED BACK TO THE APPLICANT.  Neither the Detachment nor National Headquarters needs that DD-214 and it should not be copied nor retained. What must accompany the Dues Transmittal Form is the APPLICATION for membership.  You MAY keep a copy of the application at the Detachment if you feel it necessary, but the signed original MUST be sent to National Headquarters with the Transmittal.  If the Application is NOT attached with the transmittal, we have no choice but to accept that members as an “Associate Member” until we receive the Membership Application Form for our files.  It is the signed statement on that application form that allows the Marine Corps to provide a copy of the DD-214 should we ever need it to verify authenticity.