National Installations Tour

Honor Guard – Be part of a team that participates in Military Funeral Honors for our fallen veterans. If interested, call Ed Dodson at 314-604-6254 – (Year Round)

Marine / Corpsman members that need uniforms to participate in Honor Guard will be paid for by the League, if you agree to participate in 50 or more events within an 18 month period.

Color Guard – Be part of a team that carries our Colors in parades and other ceremonies.  (Year Round) (Marine Members only)

Toys for Tots – Be part of a team that collects money for Toys for Tots.  If interested, call Charles Dooling at 314-351-4913
(Last Friday in November.  First two Saturdays in December)

Run for Detachment Officer position – Commandant, Senior Vice Commandant, Junior Vice Commandant, Paymaster, Sergeant at Arms, Judge Advocate, Adjutant and Chaplain.  Check with any officer that holds the position your interested in and they’ll discuss their responsibilities with you.